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Hallow’s Eve fun – 31 October 2013

Shers is readying for this evening’s Fright-night Bash…
and serving a bit of protein for her peeps…. 

Nikki’s cousin Li’l Pip is all excited for the Eve’s event. She thought she’d come in disguise. Who is this bear cub?
Sunny brightened his look with a new hat….

And Pumpkin puss -- so cleverly disguised -- is in charge of dispensing hors d’oeuvres.  Mmm-mmm, tasty! you and yours! ♥♥♥Nikki and friends  

Willow Manor Ball postscript

The morning after....

Sipping a peppery Chef Dominic concoction of his culinary version of the 'hair of the dog', I sit with our lovely hostess, Tess, and her charming guest of honour, Ronaldo, to watch the sunrise over the Scioto. It was great fun spying our Vinnie dancing with the library skeleton he'd earlier shared a ciggie with, such antics reminding me of my own recovering Bertie back home. Bertie, BTW, just texted that his neck brace was now off and he was presently ducking from Nursey who'd been chasing him around the estate trying to place it back on him. Best of luck to you, Nursey!

Jeeves is still with me, he too confiding how much fun he'd had mostly at winning several hands at the poker table, which had been set up for kitchen staff as the ball's festivities dwindled into the wee hours. 
As I gingerly drink my Genever, a tall Dutch gin with added lemon juice, sugar, egg white and soda, I appreciate the shot of yolk also presented me by kitchen wait st…

Willow Manor Ball-e-gram ~ confidential communication between invited guest and lady of the manor

Willow Manor Ball-e-gram

Pay no charges to messenger                         
Name of addressee: Tess Kincaid  City/province: Dublin, Ohio For quick service reply to bearer

Date:                          20 October 2013
Time filed:                   Midnight 01 a.m. (burning the wee hour oil)
Sending station:          Amsterdam, North Holland
URGENT STOP Leaving carnival atmosphere of Amsterdam on red-eye flight to Dublin...Ohio, that is. Couldn't miss Willow ball. STOP
Bringing cannabis lollies - hoping appetisers fit in with Dominic Franks’ gingerbread massacre and wacky world of Vincent Price/Tracey Emin - this year's chef and honoured guests. STOP 

Wearing butterfly dress to ‘flit the light fantastic’ with Tess's crystal chandelier. R.A.D. Stainforth, do you want a light, my dear? Don't STOP 
Be seeing you sooner than later, darlin. END - Shers Gallagher